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Make a child smile, one musical instrument at a time

By David Jaffin

MY GOAL : Yes, one person can make a difference! My project is called “The Gift of Music” and I have been collecting working musical instruments for the past five years and then donating them to Elementary, Middle and High Schools in New Orleans. I felt a need to give back to the children who lost their musical instruments due to Hurricane Katrina. I started simply by handing out fliers throughout the local communities in Westchester NY to get donations of musical instruments, and made up wrist bands in black and gold, the colors of the New Orleans Saints Football team, with the logo “The Gift of Music, Make a Child Smile” to help raise money to help pay for cleaning, repair and shipping of the instruments. Some people donated money to the project which also helped to pay for these costs. A project that began in New Orleans has spread to surrounding areas that also were affected by Hurricane Katrina and schools in need as well. Instruments that were too large to be shipped to New Orleans were donated to two schools in the NYC area. As a trumpet player since age 8, I wanted to help rebuild the musical community of New Orleans by giving back musical instruments to the children in this area. Most recently since Hurricane Sandy, I am in the process of helping some schools in Long Beach, New York  that were greatly affected by the devastation of this Hurricane as well. What started as a simple idea has fortunately become a reality. Your support would be appreciated.


The music is being performed by the KIPP Believe Symphonic Band at the donation ceremony in New Orleans on 4/30/09
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